In my work I see humankind in nature. the thorns of the cacti are what people encounter in life, the exotic plants of the jungle with all their complexities represent the controlled chaos that we live with. The ordinary humble plant can create its own beauty as can ordinary everyday people. Humankind and nature can both be nurturing and that is what sustains us.

~Pat Berger

A Touch of Red, 2006
acrylic, 48 x 72 inches


A Patch of Green, 1998
acrylic, 40 x 72 inches
Private Collection

In a quiet place
Nature whispers her soft message
That she is eternal yet quietly changing
For that is her way.

~Hal Lloyd

Dawning, 1990
acrylic, 60 x 72 inches

The Last Flower
watercolor, 29 x 36 inches, framed

Leaves of Green, 2006
acrylic, 12 panels, 20 x 16 inches each

Heliconia, 1991
acrylic, 60 x 40 inches

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